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2012 reports:
China paint manufacturing industry, 2012
China gear, transmission and drive component manufacturing industry, 2012
China tire manufacturing industry, 2012
China pcb manufacturing industry, 2012
China gas compressor manufacturing industry, 2012
China pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, 2012
China gem and jade mining industry, 2012
China paper pulp manufacturing industry, 2012
China synthetic rubber manufacturing industry, 2012
China rare earth metal mining industry, 2012
China rare earth metal smelting industry, 2012
2011 reports:
China optical fiber, optical cable manufacturing industry, 2011
China cookie and other bakery product manufacturing industry, 2011
China bakery product manufacturing industry, 2011
China alcohol manufacturing industry, 2011
China paper pulp manufacturing Industry, 2011
China candle market analysis
China grape wine manufacturing Industry, 2011
China fastener and spring manufacturing industry, 2011
China distilled spirit manufacturing industry, 2011
China toy manufacturing Industry, 2011
China textiles industry, 2011
China textile finished product manufacturing Industry, 2011
China Textile Clothing Manufacturing industry, 2011
China synthetic rubber manufacturing industry, 2011
China coal mining and washing industry, 2011
China Sewage Treatment and recycling industry, 2011
China book, newspapers, and magazine printing Industry, 2011
China Luxury door market analysis
China graphite, talc mining industry, 2011
China aerospace manufacturing industry, 2011
China bottled water manufacturing industry, 2011
Half price!! Updated:
China plastic artificial leather, synthetic leather manufacturing industry, 2010 (Updated)
China rare earth metal mining industry, 2010 (Updated)
China iron ore mining industry, 2010 (Updated)
Half price!! 2010 reports:
China cigarette manufacturing Industry, 2010
China musical instrument manufacturing industry, 2010
China plastic film manufacturing industry, 2010
China Organic Fertilizer And Microbe Fertilizer Manufacturing industry, 2010
China non-woven fabric manufacturing industry, 2010
China optical glass manufacturing industry, 2010
China veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, 2010
Half price!! Machines and Tools
China Mechanized Agriculture And Garden Tool industry, 2010
China pump, valve, compressor, and similar machinery manufacturing market analysis
Half price!! Energy and power
China ocean energy power generation market analysis
China battery manufacturing industry, 2010
Half price!! Vehicles
China tire retreating industry, 2010
China hybrid bus market analysis
Half price!! Food
China edible vegetable oil processing industry, 2010
China Rice And Flour Product Manufacturing industry, 2010
China starch and starch product manufacturing industry, 2010
China Eggs And Products Processing industry, 2010
China Vegetables, Fruit And Nut Processing industry, 2010
China salt processing industry, 2009-2010

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1. Automobile
Traffic safety and controlling special equipment manufacturing, Transportation equipment manufacturing, Railway transport equipment manufacturing, Railway rolling stock and motor train unit manufacturing...
2. Iron and steel
Ferrous metal mining, Iron ore mining, Other ferrous metal mining, Ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing...
3. Textiles
Textiles, Cotton, chemical fiber, and textile dyeing and finishing, Cotton, and chemical fiber textile processing, Cotton, chemical fiber dyeing and finishing...
4. Equipment manufacturing
Gymnastic product manufacturing, Gymnastic equipment and accessories manufacturing, Fitness training equipment manufacturing, Sport protection product manufacturing...
5. Shipbuilding
Shipping and floating device manufacturing, Metal ship manufacturing, Non-metal ship manufacturing, Entertainment and sports ship construction and ship repair...
6. Electronics and information technology
Communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing, Communication equipment manufacturing, Communication transmission equipment manufacturing, Communication exchange equipment manufacturing...
7. Petrochemicals
Oil extraction, Natural crude oil and natural gas mining, Oil and natural gas extraction - related services, Oil and fuel...
8. Light industries
Agriculture and subsidiary foodstuff processing, Grain grinding, Feed Processing, Vegetable oil processing...
9. Nonferrous metals
Non-ferrous metal mining, Common non-ferrous metal mining, Copper mining, Lead-zinc mining...
10. Logistics
Container and metal packaging container manufacturing, Container manufacturing, Special packaging equipment manufacturing, Traffic equipment and other transportation equipment manufacturing...
Consumer Goods
Textiles, Textile clothing, shoes, hat manufacturing, Furniture, Stationery and gymnastic product manufacturing...
Food & Beverage
Agriculture and subsidiary foodstuff processing, Food manufacturing, Beverage manufacturing, Tobacco...
Life Sciences
Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Medical instruments and apparatus manufacturing
Technology & Media
Communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing, Internet, digital, IT, Telecommunications, Education, advertising, media, and culture...
Service Industries
Finance, insurance, Real estate and construction, Commercial, retail and chain stores, Education, advertising, media, and culture...
Government & Public Sector
Education, advertising, media, and culture
Energy & Resources
Coal, Oil extraction, Oil and fuel, Resources of waste and waste materials recycling and processing...
Manufacturing & Construction
Leather, fur, feather (down) and product manufacturing, Lumber and wood, Furniture, Paper...
Materials & Chemicals
Ferrous metal mining, Non-ferrous metal mining, Non-metallic mining, Lumber and wood...
Transportation & Shipping
Transportation equipment manufacturing, Transportation, logistics, and vehicles
Household appliances, agriculture, New materials, and others
Auto Semi-Custom Market Analysis
Auto, Auto, Auto, Auto...
Solar Semi-Custom Market Analysis
Solar, Solar, Solar, Solar...
Hydropower Semi-Custom Market Analysis
Hydropower, Hydropower, Hydropower, Hydropower...
Wind Semi-Custom Market Analysis
Wind, Wind, Wind, Wind...
Nuclear Semi-Custom Market Analysis
Nuclear, Nuclear, Nuclear, Nuclear...
Hybrid Semi-Custom Market Analysis
Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid...
Natural Gas Semi-Custom Market Analysis
Natural Gas, Natural Gas, Natural Gas, Natural Gas...
Environmental Semi-Custom Market Analysis
Environmental, Environmental, Environmental, Environmental...

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