About Reports From China

Reports From China is committed to helping make the world smaller. We believe that facilitating understanding and human contact is the best way to overcome barriers and bring people together. This philosophy guides everything we do. It creates a demand for excellence, integrity, and value that permeates our reports, our services, and everything else we do.

Reports From China (RFC) publishes industry/market reports and company profiles about China. Our sources are among the biggest industry report publishers in China. We cover all 700 industries and 340,000 detailed sectors. Our data is mainly provided by National Bureau of Statistics of China. (Other sources include relevant ministries, commissions and bureaus, industrial data, product data, import and export data, economic development data, enterprise data, and so on.) We also publish company profiles, containing contact and financial information for all companies in each industry.

We also offer a variety of services for the China investor and businessperson, including customized reports for every business need, introductions to companies and people in China, and more.

Market demands and existing problems

  • China is growing so people want to know about China.
  • It’s difficult to find comprehensive, in-depth research.
  • It’s difficult to get information about all industries including less ‘hot’ industries.
  • It’s also difficult to get direct, detailed data about companies.
  • Data about China is often unreliable.
  • Updates are generally not available.
  • Reliable sources of custom research are hard to find.
  • Translations are often unintelligible.
  • Introductions are vital for business success in China.

Our solutions

  • Over 340,000 titles.
  • The most comprehensive reports available (200+ pages).
  • All government-defined industry categories (700+).
  • Lists of and data for the largest companies in each industry.
  • Company profiles containing full contact and financial data.
  • Data from National Bureau of Statistics of China – the most accurate source.
  • Translation by Elanex: native speaker subject-specialists, fully edited (not just proofread) by certified Elanex editors.
  • Introduction services.


  • Investors: obtain a comprehensive overview of China’s industries. Understand the investment environment, including economic, regulatory, and competitive issues. Make smart choices to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Enterprises: find partnership opportunities. Understand the competitive landscape. Be aware of global trends.
  • Analysts and consulting companies: develop deep industry knowledge. Access a comprehensive array of sector reports. Identify client opportunities.

Reports From China has offices in San Francisco and Beijing.

We are owned and operated by Elanex, a global leader in language translation services and technologies.


  • Lan Lin, CEO
  • Joy Rathbun, VP of Business Development
  • Ziqing Hu, VP of Services